Calgary Mindfulness

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What else? Our free community family-friendly meditation class continues Sunday mornings 8:30am (mountain time). Please write to get access.  You can join on Zoom or Facebook Live.  Podcasts are posted weekly, and are available here>> You can drop in casually or register and complete the extra requirement for receiving a certificate for each 6 week module.

Calgary Mindfulness Meditation provides secular meditation training for children and adults. Mindfulness meditation is quiet time during which we observe our senses, breath, thoughts and feelings. Read on! Mindfulness meditation is a private time in which we give ourselves permission to stop receiving and responding to external and internal stimuli. In today’s ever busier world, a few minutes of mindfulness might be the only permission to stop that an individual gives him or herself.

Calgary Mindfulness Meditation for Children & Adults
Calgary Mindfulness Meditation for Children & Adults

Permission to stop what, exactly? Permission to pause the relentless busy-ness of the mind and body, just for a few moments. When we are mindful, we take a step back from our thoughts and feelings. We observe them, allow them, and eventually, when we are ready, allow them to pass. A space between our emotions and our reactions is key to stress management, anxiety management, and achieving our best performance.

Why mindfulness? We expect adults, children or any group of people to just get along, concentrate, do their best, overcome anxiety, collaborate effectively, and so on, but most academic programs don’t actually train these particular skills. Most adults haven’t spent much time, if any, training these skills. Mindfulness meditation does exactly this. Mindfulness can help create space between one’s emotion and the reaction, allowing one to choose to replace impulsive reactions with thoughtful responses. As well, mindfulness training is not about removing or controlling obstacles as much as strengthening positive human qualities like attention, self-control, empathy, kindness, generosity, kindness and compassion.

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to increase attention and self-regulation significantly. These are cornerstones of healthy group environments and and strong learning environments.

  • Improved attention allows for improved concentration.
  • Improved self-regulation creates the space needed for emotional self-regulation and impulse control.

Calgary Mindfulness was founded by Rosanna D’Agnillo, who is an instructor certified by Mindful Schools.