Mindful Listening podcast

Hi there, here is a mindful listening exercise you can try with your family. This is a beginner mindfulness exercise, where we learn about the mindful body and practice mindful listening.

In mindfulness meditation, we can use the senses as as anchor. Listening, seeing, body scan, body sensations, taste, smell can be anchors for our mindfulness meditation practice, that bring us into the present moment.

Endlessly in our practice the mind wanders–because that is what the mind does! I heard Ringo Starr, a longtime practitioner of meditation, refer to the mind as though when it wakes up, eg, in the morning, it races off like a Ferrari. Yes, that it is my mind! That is the nature of the mind. A creative, excited mind will fire off in many directions at one time. This is what we are wired for; to build, create, problem solve.

And yet, without a break, the constant spinning of the mind will be exhausting for us! We need rest. Mindful listening allows us this rest.

Please listen to this podcast and come back for more.

Kind regards, Rosanna D’Agnillo – CalgaryMindfulness.ca