Feb 1 workshop – reminders

Please contact me to register for this class. We meet in the basement of the MidSun Community Centre (50 Midpark Rise SE) in the Sundance Studio.

  • Please stop at the front desk to complete a mandatory waiver. (I will distribute digitally before Sat if I’m able).
  • We are seated on a wooden dance floor; bring a mat/cushion to get more comfy if needed.
  • Bring pen & paper; we will make some notes. (If you are so inclined you can dedicate a journal to this activity and will certainly find it rewarding!)
  • Reminder to use bathroom before class to minimize disruptions (it’s just down the hall) but don’t fret if you or your child have to get up & go!

“There is an invisible, infinite part of ourselves that I call the soul. The soul is our spiritual core; it is the divine spark of life that always was and forever will be. Think of this spark as a light that burns brightly within you. This is the essence of who you are, and it is contained in each breath you take.” James van Praagh, Meditations.