Finding inner strength and quiet within

Dear mindfulness students & colleagues! Thank you for your flexibility in allowing me to cancel our class to care for my sick little fuzzball, Balthazar, who is feeling better now! He is resting well. Thanks again for your well-wishes.

Balthazar recovering!

The podcast from our class is now posted, available by clicking the Podcasts link above and scrolling down.

If you prefer here is the direct link to the podcast for last class, where we held a traditional mindfulness meditation, but, outside in my backyard in the morning, I felt greater opportunity to connect to the present moment – pulling away from busy thoughts of past and future to listen to the magpies, sparrows, and feel the breath moving through the body. From this place of comfort and quiet, we take a step back from the fearfulness and anger that is closer to the surface in these days of pandem-onium! From this place of quiet inner strength, the Holy Spirit working within us can be heard, empowered to have a greater role in our thoughts, words, and actions.