Gratitude practice- seeing the glass half-full

In today’s practice, we did a traditional mindfulness practice with special attention to the tension we collect not just in the physical body (belly, shoulders, jaw) but the “emotional” body – is the heart area in pain from hopelessness? Is the belly tight from shame, fear? Touching upon each of these secrets with compassionate awareness and breath.

Then, since my backyard is crazy with birds, babies, lilac, plants, and not much hail damage from last night–a gratitude meditation! It is blissful to sit in the awareness of just how many things, people, states of being, that rush forward to notify us of their presence, as if just waiting for us to acknowledge the abundance that is and has always been. Food. Shelter. Companions. Growth. Spring. Health. Life. Chocolate. Cats. Work. Kids. Messes to clean, since it means there are beautiful creative kids there to make them. Dishes to wash, since that means there is enough food.

And number one, the eternal soul that is connected to the the source of all life outside of us!