Happy Summer & Father’s Day! Healing power of nature in today’s meditation.

Greetings! Today’s meditation focused on the abundance, strength and ease we sense from connecting with nature. At this time of year in my part of the world (Calgary, Canada), the outdoor world is furious with growth.

Today’s annular solar eclipse visible from Asia & Africa

Plants will literally grow several inches PER DAY. Baby ducks, crows, sparrows, woodpeckers, geese, loons, beavers, muskrats, hares, fawns, calves, ponies, foals are in every yard or field. Everything feels deliciously potent with the Creator’s–our Father’s– power to regenerate and make the miracle of growth happen.

This power exists within us, also, because we are a part of this amazing matrix of life. Contemplating the wonder of nature and being in nature is an excellent way to tap into our own inner strength and also a wondrous humility that helps us feel unity and connection with all life around us. It’s a great antidote to the fearfulness and isolation we’ve been practicing for the last few months.

Kudo’s to all fathers, for your hard work and patience in rearing children! And for single moms like me, who also celebrate Father’s Day (we call it Mapa’s Day actually in my house–so kudos to all women who are both mother and father in the house!

Above is pictured today’s annular solar eclipse, sadly for us North Americans only visible over Africa and Asia, but still inspiring to see pix and videos.

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