Meditations for when we’re “too busy”

“I’m too busy” is the new normal. When I speak with adults, even the casual salutation, “how are you” just elicits an eye roll, and a “you know, I’m too busy.” It’s really more than ever the status quo for all adults. There is a constant sense of being wagged by the ‘to-do’ list instead of controlling it intentionally. In today’s practice, we explore a mindfulness meditation that we can use to bring intentionality to a life of “I’m too busy”. As meditators, we believe that bringing our highest and best to each moment (thought, word, action) is the REAL job, and the rest is just tasks along the way. Zoning in on this important, radical insight is one path to defusing the constant busyness of our lives.

One more practice on June 12 for online weekly meditation before we wrap up for the summer! Stay tuned for meditations in the parks throughout Calgary.

Kind regards, Rosanna

Meditation for “I’m too busy”

Loving Kindness for those in crisis (sick & suffering)

In today’s Sunday morning meditation, we exploring sharing heartfulness (loving kindness) with those in our circle who are sick and suffering. As meditators, we know that a lot of our best work is done “in the invisible), ie, during practice, but also, that this time in practice best prepares us to work skillfully in stressful situations to align with our highest and best. In sending loving kindness to those in our circle in crisis, we experience the benefit of giving, we tap into our true highest potential and thus feel the self-respect and wholeness (shalom) of sharing our strength with others, and we realign our thoughts and base responses to perceive the world as a compassionate agent and not a vicitm… enjoy!

Loving Kindness Meditation

Hi, here is a link to today’s meditation, where we sit in loving kindness meditation visualizing sending heartfulness to loved ones and strangers. Enjoy! Reminder, no class May 8 and May 22 for the holidays, and please let me know if you ‘d like to join our summer in-person meditations in Fish Creek Park.

Thanks! Rosanna

Mindfulness of Seeing

Today’s anchor in practice was a new one for our community, mindfulness of seeing. Sometimes it’s easier to practice with eyes open, such as when you’re on public transit or a passenger in a vehicle. Or any crowded space where you need a mindful moment! In today’s class, learn the basics of this new anchor, and ground it in our practice of compassion, gratitude and wonder.

Mindfulness of Seeing – with Rosanna D’Agnillo

Loving kindness meditation for peace and health

Today’s intention for loving kindness meditation was submitted by class members concerned with a family member’s health and also the Russia / Ukraine conflict.

If you’d like to join our weekly Sunday 10am class, please join on Facebook Live at or write me for Zoom access.

As meditators, we believe that our highest and best work for others can also be done in the invisible. This doesn’t mean we don’t have to get involved when we have people in need to help, but our worry and fretting can be destructive to others and ourselves. In loving kindness meditation, we allow the holy spirit / inner divine to connect to that same highest & best in others. This is the heart of loving kindness meditation.

We can speak of this important practice from many cultural and spiritual perspectives. For me as a Christian, it is a reminder to see and feel all others as my equals, and that my most important work is to follow Jesus’ instruction, to honor the spark of God in myself and others, and not just those people I like and love, but everyone I contact, and to treat them as I want to be treated. Constant work to correct my many errors!
Podcast and video below.

Loving Kindness Meditation for Peace and Health

Introduction to Heartfulness Meditation

Heartfulness as an anchor is traditional loving kindness meditation. It’s an anchor that’s very engaging for a family, and brings a lot of benefit and ease to the practitioner. Here is a link to today’s class, the fourth in our introductory course on Mindfulness Meditation.

Heartfulness Meditation #1

Here is a link to the podcast:

Heartfulness Meditation #1

To join the class, please find us on Facebook or write me for the Zoom access. here is the Facebook link:

Mindfulness Meditation #2 – Sunday Jan 16, 2022

Here is the podcast of our last Sunday’s class, where we reviewed the three primary mindfulness anchors of breath, body and sound, and move into a body scan and mindfulness of thoughts. This is Class 2 in the basic mindfulness course. For certification, live attendance and weekly completion of reflection required. Contact me for Zoom access or on Facebook live as well. Weekly on Sundays except for long weekends.

Mindfulness meditation #2 – body scan, thoughts

2022 Meditation Schedule

Greetings and Merry Christmas! I hope you are having an excellent holiday. Weekly zoom meditation starts up again Sunday January 9, 2022 at 10am mountain. Please contact me for access (can’t post publicly due to spammers alas).

From Feb-Jun 2022 there are two in-person sits per month at the MidSun Centre, 4pm-5pm in the basement. Please contact me to register (proof of vaccination is required). Monthly there is one in-person meditation on Sunday afternoon in Priddis (please contact me to register). Each class is one hour.

I look forward to seeing you soon! Wishing you the best holiday. Even if we can’t spend time with our families (it’s my second Christmas without my parents ever!), it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas: the message of love and equality Jesus shared with us 2000 years ago. Religions have messed up the heartfulness of his teachings. But each of us can honor his teachings in our personal and professional lives. 1) Put God first by realizing we are spirit, connected to our Creator and one another and 2) the Golden Rule – see each person as a brother and sister, also connected to our Creator.

Kindest regards, Rosanna