Meditation holiday schedule

Our meditation holiday schedule for May and June it out: no class Sunday May 25 for the holiday. (Canada = Victoria Day. Who dat? Not relevant; just our first spring holiday. If we don’t have that day off, we can’t get anything planted in the garden!) Sunday class continues at 10am through end of June.

It’s a lifelong journey–we DON’T GET there!

No scheduled practices over the summer on zoom, but if we can gather outdoors in person I’ll be hosting the meditations at MidSun field like last summer! YAY. That’s our meditation holiday schedule!

Mindfulness Meditation Basics – where to start?

To learn mindfulness meditation basics, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s weekly practice, we reviewed the key anchors of mindfulness practice. We start by establishing the mindful body posture, and then move through the anchors of breath, listening and body scan.

This practice was about 18 minutes, and it’s a great overview of mindfulness meditation. In addition to training focus and attention, we develop equanimity and compassion for ourselves during practice with repetition of the return to the anchors. Enjoy! Please contact me with questions or to register for the event.

Mindfulness meditation basics by Calgary Mindfulness – Rosanna D’Agnillo
Mindfulness Meditation Basics

Next week’s practice is held in our usual zoom room, or on facebook live here:

Thanks! Rosanna D’Agnillo, Founder & Lead Facilitator – Calgary Mindfulness

Meditation Podcasts, Videos. New Youtube channel.

All our meditation podcasts, videos and more are posted to the website each Sunday. If you can’t attend weekly Sunday practice, no problem. You can download the podcasts. You can also watch later on Facebook, where all videos are stored. Or if you want you can watch later on Youtube.

See podcasts for our weekly free meditation, and also they are available as videos here at the Calgary Mindfulness Youtube channel.  I’ll be posting more videos to the youtube channel shortly so be patient! Thanks for requesting this important resource.

Kind regards, Rosanna

Weekly Sunday morning meditation – join us online.

Reminder about our weekly Sunday morning meditation. Open to the community. It’s free. And it’s family-friendly. Learn and practice the basics of meditation in a supportive community. Learn important, effective techniques for mental self care in a stressful time.

This weekly Sunday morning meditation is a great way to introduce a meditation practice to your family and workplace. If you’re interested in a meditation workshop for your company, please attend one of these weekly sessions to get a sense of what our regular practice feels like and the topics it covers.

We meet on Zoom. Please email for the access link. The weekly Sunday morning meditation is also streamed online at Facebook Live. The link is different each week on Facebook, so please visit to get in.

Weekly Sunday Meditation
Weekly Sunday meditation

For this Sunday March 14, the Facebook Live link is

Schedule for March April: No classes March 28 or Easter Sunday April 4, since I will be on holiday.

Otherwise we usually meet weekly except for holiday weekends, until the end of June. Our meetings will continue to be online until public health order permits differently. When allowed, we’ll practice outside near MidSun community centre. That’s going to be later on, when ground is dry!

Thanks, Rosanna – Founder & Lead Facilitator, Calgary Mindfulness

Meditation workshops online

Do you offer online company, group, family meditation training and workshops? The answer is yes; I am meeting on Zoom with many companies and groups now. I am getting lots of good feedback about the sessions. Sure, it’s better in person. But this is the best we can do now. And if we take responsibility for connecting with others and caring for our minds and hearts, then we stay strong and healthy!

Please contact me at to discuss a workshop or presentation.

Thanks, Rosanna

Happy New Year! Sunday class resumes Jan 10, 2021

Weekly Sunday 10am meditations
Happy 2021! Join us for weekly Sunday 10am (MST) meditations

Welcome back and here’s to a year of health, happiness, ease and prosperity for you and your loved ones, in spite of the stress of current times.

Just a quick note to let you know that our weekly free community meditation resumes on Zoom at 10am on Sundays starting this Sunday, January 10, 2021.

Each class is about 20-25 minutes, and we meditate upon intentions submitted by class members. These days they have been

Please register by writing us, and we will send you the link. If you follow founder Rosanna D’Agnillo on Facebook, it will also stream live.

Looking forward to sitting in practice with you on Sunday mornings.

Thanks, Rosanna

All workshops / courses available online – corporate, educational, institutional

Reminder that all our classes, workshops, sessions etc–for institutions, corporations, schools, charities and more: all are available online currently if you are not able to host a socially distanced workshop within your facility. YES of course it’s better in person, but at this time, people are in great need of self-reliant mental health and wellness and working online is better than pushing on in flight-fight until “the pandemic is over”.

What can Calgary Mindfulness offer your group? Our most popular right now is a 1 hour workshop & practices – introduction to meditation – how it can help you, and several short practices that you can do on your own at home, at work, with your family, while driving, washing dishes and so on. Each workshop comes with ongoing support, where we can meet for 15 minutes each week on your virtual platform / our Zoom room to reconnect, providing fellowship and support for this practice.

Do we need fellowship and community to make this work? You bet. Most people are not accountable without the support of a community to challenge us to be highest and best. Let’s be that community for one another, and be a light in this stressful time, setting the best example we can for our colleagues, family, friends, loved ones, and strangers.

Contact us today for your booking.

Kind regards, Rosanna

In-Person Meditations on Hold UFN

Support your mental health & wellness for free, without gimmicks–just discipline and habit!

Hi everyone, boo hoo but since the Alberta government is recommending that we voluntarily limit our cohort size, and with gatherings capped at 15, until further notice, we will continue to meet weekly online rather than in person monthly… contact me for the Zoom link (every Sunday 10am) and always check the podcast page for the previous week’s post…

Reminder – weekly podcasts posted

Hello fellow meditation practitioners, beginners or advanced! A reminder that the weekly podcast is posted to the Podcasts page; I invite you to stream or download. Many requests for mindfulness-meditation based stress reduction strategies in this new normal, the Covid age, so this is where our focus has been in the last several classes.

We meet in person monthly, last Sunday of the month at 10:30, at MidSun centre, and weekly online at 10am Sundays on Zoom. Please contact me for the details.

Thanks! Rosanna