Meditation Podcasts

Please click on any of the following meditation podcasts to listen/stream. Most of these meditation podcasts are recordings of the weekly community meditation hosted by Calgary Mindfulness.

Mindful Listening #1 – An introduction to sound as a meditation anchor. Short & sweet; suitable for children.

Mindful Listening #2– Part 2; also suitable for children. Mindful listening is the simplest anchor for children and busy-brained adults.

Journey to Inner Quiet – A longer practice, still family friendly.

Connecting to the Creator within – nurturing inner strength – An excerpt from the Mar 21, 2020 Mid-Sun class; our first virtual class recording!

Gratitude Meditation – Choosing Love Over Fear – gratitude practice is vital in honouring and acknowledging the truth of our constant stream of abundance!

Listening for Holy Spirit Within / Inner Wisdom – A traditional mindfulness meditation followed by an exploration of inner wisdom / Holy Spirit within.

Mindfulness / Heartfulness/ Gratitude – A 15 minute mindfulness practice, followed by a short discussion, and then a 10 minute heartfulness / gratitude practice.

Mindfulness of Stress – 15 minute mindfulness practice, followed by a 13 minute mindfulness of stress practice, where we observe the mind chatter that distracts us from the peace of mind that comes from meditating. This can be done with a journal or without, to briefly jot down any thoughts that arise.

Greeting Resistance with an Open Heart

This practice was prompted by a class member’s desire to enquire within about the inner resistance we generate, and how to become aware of it, and start letting it go.

This humble, introspective practice requires us to compassionately face our “flaws”, and has a long history in all contemplative traditions, because we review how most of our suffering is self-inflicted by our attachment to how we think things should be, and our own fearfulness of losing this if we let go. We draw a line in the sand and are ready to defend it no matter what, even if it is we ourselves alone who suffer from this rigid stance!

For Christians, Jesus’ idea of turning the other cheek is exactly this idea! Turning the other cheek is not about being a doormat, but about understanding where we generate resistance and suffering. In letting go we better and easily align with the strengths God gives us here on earth–respect, compassion, peacefulness, ease, abundance, confidence and so on.

Releasing Negative Thoughts

Today we’ve received an intention regarding mindfulness and release of negative thoughts. Remember, there aren’t BAD thoughts…but mindfulness practice is one of many ways to take a deeper look at thought habits, and develop the ability to sit with and possibly address what doesn’t help us make decisions that line up with our goals & values.

Mindfulness of Stress – Internal Resistance

Today’s intention was regarding mindfulness of stress, and how we generate internal resistance that makes our stressors out of control and further gets the mind and body out of balance. In today’s practice, we explored paying attention to thoughts and emotions that signify we are creating internal resistance to block ease, problem solving and flow.

Relaxtion Meditation
A 10 minute mindfulness practice with extra attention on the mindful body and relaxation of the body.

Gratitude & Heartfulness Meditation
This practice gives us a chance to reconnect to the strength and ease we feel in counting our blessings instead of our gripes and the giving and receiving of love and forgiveness. (26 minutes, one single practice).

Finding quiet & strength within
This traditional mindfulness practice is focused on awareness of the present moment, and aligning with our inner strength (Holy Spirit) that empowers us to make choices for highest & best, for self and community.

This meditation was based on the intention of a student in our class, to address self-critical thoughts & feelings. A traditional mindfulness meditation followed by a guided loving-kindness practice, where we direct loving kindness toward our selves. (27 mins)

Mindfulness of the Emotional Body & Gratitude Practice (19 mins)
As part of our body scan, we directed awareness to the emotional pain that collects in the body – shame and fear in the belly; perhaps hopelessness and loneliness in the heart. Followed by a gratitude practice, to show how blissful and quickly we can turn the glass to half-full! This is a podcast from the June 14, 2020 class.

This podcast is our final session of June 2020, celebrating Father’s Day, the first day of summer, and the solstice, in observing how our connection with beauty of our Creator’s gift of nature can inspire strength, peace and ease in our hearts:

Review of Mindfulness Basics part 1 Here is an introduction to mindfulness meditation covering the anchors of the mindful body, listening, breathing and a body tension scan, recorded at our class on September 13, 2020.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation part 2 a relaxing mindfulness meditation reviewing the anchors of body, listening, breath and the body scan.

Abundance Meditation in honour of Thanksgiving. Counting our blessings is an excellent way to lift our spirits by acknowledging how much abundance truly exists in our lives!

Stress Reduction More frequently, I’m receiving requests for how to manage our sense of increasing day to day stress in the Covid age… here are a few meditations focusing on mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques:

Reframing Worry With Inner Strength

In this practice, we direct loving-kindness inward, and then compassionately allow problems and worries to enter this compassionate field of love and strength, reframing our problems from a position of more power. Enjoy!

Visualizing Strong Self

In practice, it is an opportunity to counteract our frequent stewing in negative thoughts. In this practice, we visualize our strongest selves, highest and best, and hold space for facing our problems from this empowered position.

Channeling Divine Loving Kindness into Our World

In this practice, we leave the secular terrain of traditional mindfulness practice, visualizing our receiving loving kindness from God/ spirit/divine/universe (however you phrase that which is beyond our matter), and sharing it easily with our loved ones, colleagues and strangers.


Struggling to accept what’s going on right now in our stressful world? Acceptance doesn’t mean being resigned and powerless. During our practice today, we explore small ways that our inner critic attacks, and how we can respond mindfully.

Acceptance meditation

Intentions for the Future

In this practice, we lay intentions for future thought, word, actions, and goals so support realizing our highest and best for self and others. Being the best we can be starts inside-out!

Future intentions meditation

Monitoring Self-Criticism

In this practice, with a short lecture from my peer group retreat, we explore monitoring our need to “fix something wrong” with ourselves…