Meditations for when we’re “too busy”

“I’m too busy” is the new normal. When I speak with adults, even the casual salutation, “how are you” just elicits an eye roll, and a “you know, I’m too busy.” It’s really more than ever the status quo for all adults. There is a constant sense of being wagged by the ‘to-do’ list instead of controlling it intentionally. In today’s practice, we explore a mindfulness meditation that we can use to bring intentionality to a life of “I’m too busy”. As meditators, we believe that bringing our highest and best to each moment (thought, word, action) is the REAL job, and the rest is just tasks along the way. Zoning in on this important, radical insight is one path to defusing the constant busyness of our lives.

One more practice on June 12 for online weekly meditation before we wrap up for the summer! Stay tuned for meditations in the parks throughout Calgary.

Kind regards, Rosanna

Meditation for “I’m too busy”