Building Resilience in Our Children & Communities & Holiday Schedule

Greetings! In today’s Sunday practice we focused on building resilience, and I’ve posted the video of our practice below. Reminder that we meet weekly online at 8:30am Mountain Time on Zoom, except for holidays. Our next holiday is last Sunday of March, then Easter Sunday in April, and Victoria Day Sunday in May.

Many parents are contacting me concerned about growing anxiety and depression in our children. Anyone who reads the news can see increasing anxiety and depression in many communities generally, especially after the isolation of covid days. For meditators, the first stop for building resilience in a community – especially our children, who are very sensitive in a near-empathic way to the intentions and open-heartedness of their adults– is looking within to understand, and view our own inner turmoil with compassion and equanimity. In this practice we review basic strategies for building resilience.

Building resilience in ourselves and communities, and OUR CHILDREN

Kind regards, Rosanna D’Agnillo – Calgary Mindfulness