Breath Meditation Using Body Anchor to Develop Our Ability to Respect Ourselves & Others

In this practice, we use the breath meditation and body anchors as focus anchors to explore the importance of respecting, honoring and accepting ourselves in order to offer the highest and best to ourselves and others. Often we are distracted with thoughts of our flaws, pain, imperfections and feel unworthy for giving and receiving our highest and best to ourselves and others.

Today, we use the inhalation part of the breath meditation to remind ourselves of the power and potential in considering our unique physical body as a temple or vehicle for giving the highest and best of ourselves to others. We use the exhalation to release thoughts of fear, shame, and unworthiness that do not serve this higher purpose. No matter what we look like, if we are suffering, we can commit to offering the best of ourselves to ourselves and to our community.

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Thanks! Rosanna D’Agnillo