Releasing the Illusion of Being Unlovable

In this episode, I respond to a listener question. The listener was struggling with the fact that despite therapy, meditating and many other modalities of self-care, he was still feeling at the whim of experiences, and tends to crash when circumstances get hard. Meditating helps us expose the root-cause thoughts of fear, shame and basically “unlovability” that keeps dragging us down despite our positive work. Mindfulness meditation helps us develop clarity, equanimity and focus, so that we can understand and sit with my painful thoughts and feelings. From there, we can either accept or seek help. From my perspective, to get beyond understanding and moving into changing involves deeper spiritual questions that are personal. As a Christian and a student of A Course in Miracles, the answer lies in realizing and renewing our connection to God/Creator/Holy Spirit. In this tradition, the root cause of all fear, shame, and despair is the untrue sense of separation from the divine. We explore renewing this connection with a breath meditation today. To register for our weekly meditation, please write and visit our website at

Thanks! Rosanna