Being available to ourselves – a mindfulness meditation on listening & accepting

Greetings and welcome back after our holiday last week, where I was busy with Remembrance Day tributes. Today, our short practice centres on being available to ourselves emotionally and physically during our practice. It is a meditation-based response to a question submitted by one of our listeners, about being tired and stressed all the time.

There are many reasons at root–some could be medical/chemical, situational (family and work problems) and in meditation we can’t fix all of these, but there is something very important we can do, which is pay attention very closely to how we feel and what we need. Once we are able to achieve some small bit of focus, where our relentless busy planning and worrying is at bay, then the thoughts and emotions that arise to seemingly “hijack” our focus actually are important sources of information that we can sit with after our practice.

Our thoughts and emotions are not to be supressed or censored, but treated as a guidance system. Being available to ourselves, to listen and receive guidance, is an excellent form of self-care we can offer ourselves, just as being an excellent listener is one of the best ways we can support our loved ones. To register for our live online class, please email, and please visit for more information and videos.