Developing Equanimity as a Mental & Physical Discipline – Coming to Terms with Difficult Circumstances We Cannot Change

We continue our exploration of heart-mind-body congruence with a meditation today on developing equanimity – that is, accepting what-is. This is not natural for humans, and it is pretty hard for some people depending upon our personalities; eg, if we are more easy-going, or more high-strung etc. That doesn’t mean we have to like circumstances beyond our control or be happy about them; nurturing our ability to realize equanimity is a mental and physical discipline that requires repetitive practice and self-awareness. It will be easier for some people than others! It’s hard for me, for sure. However, the internal resistance we generate regarding very difficult circumstances beyond our control – say, the destructive behaviour or poor health of loved ones, getting laid off, sudden financial hardship – creates significant mental and physical dis-ease that does not support our efforts to think, speak and act in a way that is highest and best for ourselves and for our community. Join today in a meditation where we explore one way of facing, coping with and sitting with our internal resistance.

Developing Equanimity as a Mental and Physical Discipline – it takes regular work!

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Kind regards, Rosanna