To Receive, Give First! Loving Kindness Mindfulness Meditation

More loving kindness mindfulness meditation today… a rewarding and relaxing practice to be certain! Welcome to our weekly 15 minute mindfulness meditation! Today we continue our exploration of the very fruitful meditation anchor of loving kindness. Noticing today that as we freely offer loving kindness to all those within our circle (family, friends, colleagues, strangers with whom we intersect) we are enabled to grow our own patience, clarity, ease, wisdom and freedom from worry, shame, judgement, fear of being unworthy and unlovable, etc. To receive, first we give!

To join our weekly practice, please email calgary mindfulness at gmail dot com, or visit calgary mindfulness dot ca. All weekly practices are posted as video and podcast for your convenience so that you can stream and practice at any time convenient for you. I hope you enjoy this loving kindness mindfulness meditation today.

Loving Kindness Mindfulness Meditation