Unconditional Love #5 – The Body Has A Purpose

Today we explore the idea that the body has a purpose in the giving and receiving of unconditional love. And good morning! Welcome to our final online practice of June. We will be meeting in various locations throughout the city of Calgary over July and August and are looking forward to practicing with you! This … Read more

Unconditional Love #4 – Thoughts and Emotions that Separate Us from Aligning with Unconditional Love

Back at it, unconditional love #4 today. In our meditation, we explore thoughts and emotions that contradict our intention to align with unconditional love. What da heck does that really mean? Check with our feelings first: when we are joyful, peaceful, patient, positive & forbearing in times of darkness, able to be loving and forgiving, … Read more

Father’s Day Meditation – Honoring the Divine Masculine

The divine masculine – exploring this today, in our 2024 Father’s Day meditation. Here in YYC Canada, and in today’s practice, we explore honoring our fathers, investing our intentions into embodying qualities of the divine masculine (creativity, nurturing, patience, wisdom, caretaking, supporting the community etc). These are qualities all of us have regardless of gender. … Read more

Aligning with Unconditional Love #2 – June Meditation Series

Continuing our June series on aligning with unconditional love / God the Creator / Source –however we phrase this presence — the bigger part of us that also lives within us, and with whom we can connect for guidance on how to make this journey around the sun more wonderful. “We are not held back … Read more

Connecting to Unconditional Love in Meditation

The power of unconditional love! Today we’ll be exploring connecting to God (Unconditional Love) in meditation. Thank you for joining our practices during the month of May to support Mental Health Awareness month. Meditation is one of many important modalities for supporting mental health, and can particularly bring awareness to our thoughts and emotions. In … Read more

Interrupting catastrophic thinking with the power of “yet”

Catastrophic thinking is not about dwelling on tsunamis and tornadoes, but about our chronically negative thought patterns that box us in to feeling trapped and stuck in whatever tough circumstances life has presented us. Today’s practice, we explore the importance of meditation in identifying and changing catastrophic thinking–consistently negative thinking that derails us from taking … Read more

Mental Health Awareness Month – How Relaxed is My Body?

Greetings! May is mental health awareness month, and meditation can be an excellent tool to support our mental health. It’s easy to practice anywhere, anytime; it’s free, and you can get pretty good benefit from even short but regular practices. The “fingers” on the “hand of mental health” I refer to in our practice today … Read more

Mother’s Day Meditation – nurturing the divine feminine

In today’s Sunday meditation, we honor Mother’s Day by sitting in loving kindness / hesed / God’s unconditional love for our mothers, for ourselves if we are mothers, and to nurture the potential in all of us to express the important spiritual qualities of the divine feminine–such as interconnectedness, intuition, empathy, creativity and nurturing. To … Read more

Noticing blocks to self awareness in Mindfulness Meditation

Today we explore expanding self awareness in mindfulness meditation. Continuing with our theme of identifying and releasing blocks to self-compassion Often we don’t like to admit qualities or thoughts about ourselves that seem “negative” or destructive, so we block attention to it, and thus block the development of compassion and self awareness. In this meditation, … Read more

Observing Negative Self Talk – The Meditator’s Way

Observing negative self talk is one of the great insights that meditation can provide. In today’s Sunday practice, we explore a question submitted by a participant in our group, regarding gaining traction on releasing negative self talk. From a meditator’s perspective, we are not trying to fix or change anything while practicing, but observe what … Read more