Mental Health Awareness Month – How Relaxed is My Body?

Greetings! May is mental health awareness month, and meditation can be an excellent tool to support our mental health. It’s easy to practice anywhere, anytime; it’s free, and you can get pretty good benefit from even short but regular practices. The “fingers” on the “hand of mental health” I refer to in our practice today … Read more

Mother’s Day Meditation – nurturing the divine feminine

In today’s Sunday meditation, we honor Mother’s Day by sitting in loving kindness / hesed / God’s unconditional love for our mothers, for ourselves if we are mothers, and to nurture the potential in all of us to express the important spiritual qualities of the divine feminine–such as interconnectedness, intuition, empathy, creativity and nurturing. To … Read more

Noticing blocks to self awareness in Mindfulness Meditation

Today we explore expanding self awareness in mindfulness meditation. Continuing with our theme of identifying and releasing blocks to self-compassion Often we don’t like to admit qualities or thoughts about ourselves that seem “negative” or destructive, so we block attention to it, and thus block the development of compassion and self awareness. In this meditation, … Read more

Observing Negative Self Talk – The Meditator’s Way

Observing negative self talk is one of the great insights that meditation can provide. In today’s Sunday practice, we explore a question submitted by a participant in our group, regarding gaining traction on releasing negative self talk. From a meditator’s perspective, we are not trying to fix or change anything while practicing, but observe what … Read more

Fill My Bucket – Meditation as Self Care

In today’s practice, we notice and explore the pleasurable sensations we get from regular meditation practice. Far from being a waste of time, this is an important acknowledgement of the payoff we get from contribution our sincere heart, time and energy to this physical and mental discipline. Even infrequent meditators feel a slowing down, a … Read more

Painful thoughts and emotions – developing a skillful response

Painful thoughts and emotions are a fact of life. Attempting to avoid or stifle these is impossible. Sometimes people want to use meditation to shut off painful thoughts and feelings. It works differently however; one of the side effects of meditation is increased ability to sit with our painful emotions and feelings, resulting in greater … Read more

Choosing Highest and Best in Our Thinking

In today’s practice, we explore a member’s question in our zoom chat about how hard it is to focus away from “the negative”; we unpack the physiological and cognitive behaviour correction aspects of our choices, and explore how meditation can assist with this process. To join our weekly practice, please visit or write Calgary … Read more

Receiving and Giving Unconditional Love

In this episode, we explore a member’s question regarding why it’s hard to focus during practice, since thoughts of all that s/he needs to do and be first before becoming compassionate with the self…today we explore the practice of how to start feeling we are worthy of giving and receiving unconditional love. To join our … Read more

Spring Renewal Meditation – Getting out of Feeling Stuck

In today’s Sunday practice, we explore the theme of spring, and its promise for renewal in our lives and thought process. Like the world around us, we are never stuck, and in meditation practice we can reconnect to the movement, flow, openness to help us move out of feeling stuck. To join our practice live, … Read more

Intentions for Giving Highest and Best

Today we explore how to set intentions for giving highest and best to ourselves and others. Thanks to those who attended our practice live despite the spring forward time change–and yes, that’s my bed head as I jumped out of the sack about 1 minute before class–we explore the opportunity to lay intentions for delivering … Read more