Loving Kindness Conflict Management Meditation

Loving kindness conflict management meditation today; we explore loving kindness as a conflict management opportunity, visualizing someone / people with whom there is a troubled relationship and freely offering them our loving kindness. To join our practice live, please write calgary mindfulness at gmail.com. You can also get this podcast at your favorite podcast host.

Transforming Envy and Revenge

Mindfulness meditation for transforming envy and revenge into love and forgiveness. In today’s Sunday practice, we attend to a request from a prayer circle to which I belong regarding an intention to transform humanity’s impulse to envy and revenge into love, acceptance, forgiveness and trust. Beginning with mindfulness basic anchors to create the space for … Read more

Mindfulness of Thoughts and Emotions

Welcome to Calgary Mindfulness weekly Sunday 15 minute practice! What a great way to start your day. In today’s practice, we move into several new anchors for meditation – mindfulness of thoughts, emotions and sound. Sound is a very good anchor for those who are easily distracted, and have a hard time staying focused on … Read more

The Body Scan – Mindfulness Meditation Basics #3

The Body Scan! Today we explore the third anchor of mindfulness meditation, and that is the body scan. We have touched upon this in our previous two classes this year, but today’s practice focuses entirely on the body, and builds in the skills we learned in the first two classes. To join our weekly Sunday … Read more

Releasing Christmas Stress Meditation

Greetings folks! Sorry about the first portion of this meditation; I was muted and didn’t realize. I’ve trimmed the muted part of our mindfulness body scan, but won’t have time to re-record it today, so I hope this will do. After our usual body scan we began a meditation based on the submission of a … Read more

Developing Equanimity as a Mental & Physical Discipline – Coming to Terms with Difficult Circumstances We Cannot Change

We continue our exploration of heart-mind-body congruence with a meditation today on developing equanimity – that is, accepting what-is. This is not natural for humans, and it is pretty hard for some people depending upon our personalities; eg, if we are more easy-going, or more high-strung etc. That doesn’t mean we have to like circumstances … Read more

Exploring Heart Mind Congruence – Stress Release Mechanism

In our meditation today, we continue our exploration of heart mind body congruence, whereby we are working to align our thoughts, feelings and how the body physically feels regarding stressors. Our first step on this process is to identify and sit with mental and physical comfort and discomfort compassionately. https://youtu.be/G1Hez8KkMkM To join our meditations live, … Read more

Responding to chronic flight-fight mode

In this meditation, we explore via breath and body scan as well as visualization the incongruency of mind-heart-body, where we think we’re calm until something sets us off and then we’re overwhelmed with the flight-fight state and not able to conduct ourselves in a way that aligns with our highest and best. For more podcasts, … Read more