Loving Kindness Meditation to Honor Ancestors

In the spirit of Halloween and All Soul’s Day, in this meditation we begin with a grounding mindfulness practice and then continue into a loving kindness meditation to honour all those loved ones that journeyed on this planet before us, bringing us to this point. Enjoy!

Defusing chronic anger & victimization: loving kindness

In today’s meditation, we explore directing loving kindness toward ourselves, and also toward others. This topic was inspired by a class member’s submission regarding how to handle anger and a sense of victimization. A practice where we remind ourselves that others are not our enemies is vital to correcting chronic anger and resentment. Apologies for … Read more

Releasing the Illusion of Being Unlovable

In this episode, I respond to a listener question. The listener was struggling with the fact that despite therapy, meditating and many other modalities of self-care, he was still feeling at the whim of experiences, and tends to crash when circumstances get hard. Meditating helps us expose the root-cause thoughts of fear, shame and basically … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving! Gratitude Meditation

Greetings! For our thanksgiving meditation, we’ve got a gratitude practice which you can watch on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/xm1nnxm4RIY?si=pIinznWJahXyPbgP or download/stream via your favourite podcast software. Here’s to a wonderful holiday weekend for Canadians! And what a beautiful day it is here in Calgary. Reminder, email me at calgary mindfulness @ gmail.com to sign up for … Read more

Reminder – Oct 1 moving back online meditation

Greetings! Reminder that we are moving back to weekly online meditation in Oct since the weather is pretty cool for morning & evening outdoor practices. Please email me to register at least 48 hours. Free. Today’s meditation is available here – https://youtu.be/0YkRTuRTzeA. It is a body scan meditation in response to some of the questions … Read more

September 2023 schedule of events

In person at Lake Midnapore waterfall in September 2023 9am if weather allows; afterward weekly Sundays 8:30am virtual on Zoom. To register or with questions, you must email CalgaryMindfulness@gmail.com If you’re not a Midnapore resident, you will need to register by Friday prior to be admitted on the Sunday. Can’t attend live? Practice with the … Read more

Father’s Day Meditation, Summer Schedule

In today’s practice, a short meditation for Father’s Day, we give thanks for the divine male aspects of our fathers, father figures, and that we ourselves (whether men or women) display in daily living: wisdom to choose highest and best, respect for all members of the community, self-less leadership, protecting and providing. https://youtu.be/S41owWkbr_E As well, … Read more

Post-Covid BUSY-NESS got you stressed out? Try this.

In the post-covid world families are PACKING their calendars with insane amounts of fun activity, but it can also be stressful not to have any unstructured or free tie. Here is a portable relaxation meditation to help you step away from the panicked post-covid feeling about which people have been writing me this June. Check … Read more

April/May 2023 Schedule & Self-Awareness Practice

Greetings meditators and below is today’s self-awareness mindfulness practice. Regarding our schedule for the next six weeks: we have Sunday 8:30am class on April 23, 30, and May 7, 14, and 28. (Holiday Sunday May 21). Looking forward to seeing you live or you can stream our classes from Youtube at your convenience. The self-awareness … Read more